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May 30th 2024

We are thrilled to offer expanded and affordable pricing plans to cater to more of our customers!

  1. ScoreDetect Pro (our basic plan)

  2. ScoreDetect Premium (our basic professional plan)

  3. ScoreDetect Deluxe (our advanced professional plan)

All plans offer a 7-day free trial guarantee! 🀩

What does this mean for you?

It means that we can offer individual updates depending on the pricing tier you have selected.

For example, if you are a business that wishes to set up with advanced integrations, you can purchase the ScoreDetect Deluxe plan.

This will entitle you with 7-day lead time whilst allowing you to make use of our Full Support features.

Someone from the ScoreDetect team will be happy to provide "technical installation and setup" to get you up and running to your custom requirements.

This means that you don't need to spend countless hours integrating your software, because we offer technical support in that pricing plan.

Upgrading / Downgrading Pricing Plans

If you are on a pricing plan and wish to change, you can simply visit the Pricing page and select the plan you wish to use. You will also see that there is an indicator on the current plan you are on.

All our plans (including changing between Monthly / Yearly options) are pro-rated. Meaning your total balance is accounted for. For example, if you selected Yearly and wish to go to Monthly but still have remaining days on Yearly, then you only pay for the remainder of the duration.

We hope you enjoy the updates and our expanded offerings!

If you have any questions you can always reach out to and we can help assist you.

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April 27th 2024

We think highly about privacy and your data.

That is why we have now introduced Bulk exports! πŸŽ‰

You can download individual certificates as a PDF file.

Or, if you can select as many certificates as you would like.

And download them all!

The PDF certificates are similar to what you would find when visiting any other certificate.

And they are simple to read, with all the details needed for your use.

Please feel free to make use of the PDF exports should you need to download them in one go!

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April 25th 2024

We're proud to announce that our latest WordPress plugin version 1.2.0+ now includes the classic shortcode!

  1. Install the Timestamps plugin in your WordPress application

  2. Enable timestamps for your post / page / product / CPT

  3. Use the [timestamps] shortcode however you like!

Please visit the link here to install the plugin:

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March 10th 2024


We've heard your feedback and released the "Timestamps" WordPress plugin:


The plugin allows you to connect your ScoreDetect account with your WordPress installation.

And when you visit a post or a page, you will be able to "Enable Timestamps" for that content.

Every time the content is modified, you will create a "revision history".

You will notice your certificate contain a "Version".

And the "previous version" is the previous revision as a certificate.

That way, you can propel your authenticity to a whole new level.

We hope that you enjoy this feature as much as we do!

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February 14th 2024

ScoreDetect has released an API so that you can now integrate ScoreDetect verification certificates with your existing applications and create proof of ownership, proof of integrity, and proof of existence.

The API documentation can be found in the link here:


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January 4th 2024

We've improved the system from the ground up to be much, much faster.

We've revolutionized the certificate creation process, slashing the time it takes to create something from 10-20 seconds down to an astonishing 3-6 seconds.

That's a mind-blowing increase in speed of up to 170%, propelling your productivity to new heights!

Experience the unparalleled efficiency and lightning-fast results that will supercharge your workflows! ⚑️

We hope that you enjoy this increase in speed without any further effort on your part.

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December 29th 2023

ScoreDetect now offers a 7-day free trial guarantee to all users 🀩

This allows all Free users to use the Pro plan β€”Β free for 7 days!

We will be introducing more exclusive features in the coming weeks.

This is part of our mission to increase content authenticity on the internet in a world fuelled by Artificial Intelligence.

We hope you enjoy your holidays and have a great start to your new year ahead!

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October 8th 2023


We are very excited for the initial release of ScoreDetect to the public.

With your feedback we can help everyone protect their content using the blockchain.

Let us know what you think as we evolve the product together!

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